Phat Diem Stone Church – The Fusion of East and West culture

Phat Diem stone church is considered the most beautiful church in Vietnam with its unique European-Asian architecture. With a lifespan of more than 130 years, this place is considered the “Catholic capital in Vietnam”. Let Local Tours Halong to explor Phat Diem Stone Church!

Where is Phat Diem Stone Church?

Phat Diem Stone Church is a collection of Catholic churches concentrated in Phat Diem town, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province with an area of more than 22ha, about 28km from Ninh Binh city center.

What does Phat Diem Stone Church have attract tourist?

Coming to Phat Diem stone church, you will admire the massive beauty as well as the unique design of the church. With ancient raw materials, materials were transferred from Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, …., hundreds of kilometers away to build this church. Besides, there are hundreds of iron wood trees up to 12m long and weighing up to 7 tons transported here.

Phat Diem Stone Church

Here, the unique feature is the combination of Western and Eastern architecture. Eastern architecture is clearly shown in the feng shui element in front of the lake, then the mountain, according to the ancient concept, it brings peace to life, everything goes well.

Phat Diem stone church includes 1 large church and 5 small churches. In which there is a church built of natural stone called a stone church, in addition to a cave and artificial stone.

Bell Towel (Phuong D​inh)

Bell Towel can be considered a masterpiece at Phat Diem church with the shape of a village with a width of 21m and a height of up to 25m. Outside Phuong Dinh is shaped like Tam Quan gate built of blue stone, with sophisticated techniques, on the cliffs are reliefs of some saints, and the story of Jesus. The highest floor of Phuong Dinh has 5 towers. The central tower has a bell weighing up to 2 tons and reaching 1.9m high. The special thing is that this bell can echo with a distance of up to 10km. The remaining 4 tower blocks are 4 saints, forming a lotus shape that brings harmony to the temple.

Phat Diem Stone Church

Cathedral Area

Located in the center is a large church area with a length of 74m and a width of 21m with 4 roofs and 5 entrances that are delicately carved. The central nave is a cathedral with an altar in the middle made of monolithic stone, with the front and back carved with the beauty of four seasons, along with very unique small churches with columns and roofs. porch,… is made of exquisite stone.

Phat Diem Stone Church


The roof system is built in a traditional style with two roofs, short windows that both take in light and bring soaring roofs. At the end of the church is a palanquin made from granite with 5 guides to the church, the ground and façade are both high in the middle and lower on the sides. The top is made of hat tiles in harmony with the winding curves, bringing a harmonious combination of Indochinese culture. Wooden altars are painted with golden steel with bold Vietnamese identity.

The heart Of Our Lady

Phat Diem Church has 5 towers in which the Heart of Our Lady is made entirely of stone and was built first in this structure.

The tower is built entirely of stone from the gate, pillars, … So it is also known as the stone church.

Phat Diem Stone Church

Christmas festival is the biggest festival of Catholics, so every Christmas, this place brings majesty, solemnity and is most splendidly decorated, which is an attraction for domestic parishioners and international tourists.

The idea time to go to Phat Diem Stone Church?

  • You can visit Phat Diem stone church at any time of the year, depending on your travel plans. If you want to combine house tour with other places of Ninh Binh, you should go in January. At this time, it is quite cold but less rainy, convenient for moving, sightseeing, taking pictures. Moreover, January in Ninh Binh is usually very quiet and peaceful, suitable for those who love the feeling of silence and lightness.
  • However, the best time to go to church is around Christmas. On this occasion, you will be immersed in the interesting activities of the church. In addition, you can also enjoy the splendor and magnificence with brilliant colored lights. This will definitely be a great space to bring you beautiful shimmering photos.

How to get to Phat Diem Stone Church from Hanoi?

  • Bus: you can go to My Dinh / Nuoc Ngam / Giap Bat bus station in Hanoi to go to Nho Quan or Kim Son bus station in Ninh Binh. Then take a motorbike taxi or taxi to go to Phat Diem stone church.
  • Limousine: pick up and put off you at hotel in Hamoi Old Quater and give you better exprience.
  • Train: Taking the train to Ninh Binh is also an interesting experience. This way, you board the train from Hanoi and get off at Ninh Binh station. From here you can take a bus or taxi to Phat Diem stone church. Train ticket prices range from 70,000 to 120,000 VND/person, depending on seat class.
  • Private car or motorbike: You can easily rent a car in Hanoi. If traveling in a small group, renting a car is the optimal choice for you. You follow National Highway 1A to Ninh Binh city center and then follow the signpost to Phat Diem stone church

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