Discover Thien Ha Cave – The Beauty Of The Galaxy In The Mountains

Thien Ha cave is a masterpiece of nature with a system of shimmering limestone stalactites, a combination of both wet and dry caves. It will be a pity if you come to Ninh Binh but only visit the cultural heritage complex of Trang An, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, … without going to Thien Ha cave. Let Local Tours Halong to explore Thien Ha Cave!

Where is Thien Ha Cave?

Thien Ha cave is located in Son Ha commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh, 24km northwest of the city center. Located in the Trang An tourist complex, Thien Ha cave is located at the foot of Tuong mountain 200m high. The mountain surrounds and protects the ancient capital of Hoa Lu. At the same time, this place is also associated with many valuable cultural and historical heritages such as: Phat Dau Son mountain, Le boat wharf,…

Thien Ha Cave

What does Thien Ha Cave have attract tourist?

Dry Cave:

When entering Thien Ha cave, you will first enter the dry cave. Here you will have the feeling of entering a golden building. Along with colorful stalactites, the sun makes you think of many different shapes. In addition, this place is also associated with many fairy tales such as: elephants worshiping tigers, monkeys, …, and many other vestiges left by the ancient Vietnamese people.

Thien Ha Cave

The cave has a way to the cliff about 3-6m high and about 2.5-3m wide.

When you reach the end of the cave you will see the beauty of the constellations appearing, people call it Gieng Troi. Besides, the rays of light shining on the stalactites are very vivid when they are yellow and sometimes purple.

Water Cave:

Lost on the bare boat appears with countless colors, shimmering, fanciful, with beautiful stalactites placed first such as: Hoa Tien, Bau Sua Me… into the water.

Thien Ha Cave

Idea time to get to Thien Ha cave:

We think you should visit Thien Ha cave in the summer because at this time you will see the shimmering, fancier cave thanks to the rays of the sun, your virtual living angles are also more beautiful.

Price tickets:

  • Adults: 120 000VND/person
  • Children: 40,000 VND/person

This ticket price is reasonable so that you can not only see the shimmering, fanciful beauty but also discover many mysterious things in this cave.

How to get to Thien Ha Cave?

  • Bus: you can take a bus from My Dinh / Giap Bat / Nuoc Ngam bus station to Nho Quan / Kim Son bus station in Ninh Binh. Then you can take a motorbike or taxi to Thien Ha cave.
  • Limousine: pick up and drop off at the hotel in Hanoi Old Quater and give you better exprience.
  • Train: Taking the train from Hanoi to Ninh Binh is a great choice. You can take the train from Hanoi station to Ninh Binh station. Then take a motorbike or car to Thien Ha cave
  • Personal car or motorbike: If you go in a small group, this is the best option for you. You can move along National Highway 1A. After that, you continue to move to Muong Tho Ha village, Son Ha commune. From here, you have to take a boat to Dang wharf and then turn into a small canal with a length of about 1 km to reach Thien Ha cave.

Tips for you when going to Thien Ha Cave:

  • This is a long cave, the cave is quite dark so your sightseeing and taking pictures are perfect, please bring a flashlight.
  • If you plan to visit Thien Ha cave for a long time, please bring food and water.
  • You should wear sports shoes to facilitate walking and moving
  • If you visit the cave on a cool day, bring a jacket because it will be colder inside the cave than the weather outside.

If you want to go to Thien Ha Cave, please contact Contact Us. We are pleased to welcome you!

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